Welcome to our website focused on the therapy by frequencies. It's an important part of  the alternative and complementary medecine, and a branch still developing. We continue in the work and research of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, one of the greatest American researchers of the 20th century. He developed a technology of contactless transmission of frequencies. The result of this technology is plasma generator able to eliminate microbes due to frequency resonance.



as a very precise frequency generator which selectively devitalises pathogenic microorganisms. We practice and amplify methods of Rife's followers. While measuring frequencies the range established by Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark seems the best. There is also a new methode of frequencies calculation in dependence of pathogen DNA length - we are able to effectively use the patent of Charlene Boehm. Calculated frequencies work very good. For the future we want to include in our practice the research of Dr. Hervé Janecek describing scalar waves. We cooperate with doctors of medicine in Czech Republic, who are interested in our work. On the left you can see an interesting video in English with Czech subtitles.

   We are going to prepare our own publication about frequency resonance, its physical principals and practical using for pathogens destruction.



     SANOPLASMA can be used in your therapeutic center or at your home. This apparatur was certified by the State Testing Institute of the Czech Republic and has all certificates needed for using in European Union. Sanoplasma has an integrated scanner. Due to the function of biofeedback your can measure actual frequencies and use them immediately. Every microorganism has his own frequency. If we use it, the microbe dies. If you decide to buy SANOPLASMA, a training is a matter of course. The programme is in English. It contain frequency zones for measurement, 27.000 doses of frequencies ready for use and more.


Sanoplasma properties

  • Frequency range 1 Hz - 900 kHz
  • Generates electric field strong enough to hit even large parasites
  • Lightweight (5 kg) and compact
  •  Measuring effective frequencies
  • Power regulation
  • Plasma tube cover
  • Lamp working hours 3000
  • Adjustable height of the bulb
  • Technical reliability


SANOPLASMA + Scanner + Programme + Training = 89.000,- Kč

Currently the best final price and guarantee 2 years.

Use the time! It is a professional apparatus with needed certificates for your professional or home usage!


More informations about Sanoplasma acquisition and technical support:

e-mail: dagmar.jancova@seznam.cz

phone: +420 778 727 810